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Get Your Feet Wet

For a gift of just $50, you’ll start to earn rewards such as a branded shirt or coffee mug. They will be branded with the Ocean Planet Explorers logo and the words “I’m an Explorer.”

Shirts and Other Cool Merch

For your rewards shirt, you can choose between a crew neck or polo, long sleeve or short. The shirts have a cool design with the Ocean Planet Explorers logo and the words “I’m an Explorer.”


Tickets and private charters

Tickets offered as a thank-you gift will be the donor’s choice to any of our public events, such as the July 3rd sail, public educational sails, or a sail that we conduct for our supporters, subject to space availability. With a private charter, you’ll receive a fun-filled day on the water with a group of your family and friends. You may also use your private charter ticket to join an educational sail subject to space availability.

Family and Corporate Gifts

Does a love of of the ocean run in your family or among colleagues at the company you work for? Donations made by members of your family or company, totaling $3,000 or more in a calendar year, will earn your team or family & friends, a complimentary team-building corporate sail or private charter or ecology tour.
Why not “pool” your resources?


Monthly Membership

If you prefer to set up a recurring monthly donation, you’ll cumulatively earn the same rewards as you would with a one-time larger donation. Please see the graphic for details. For example, for a cumulative gift of only $250, you’ll receive a branded “I’m an Explorer” shirt as well as 2 tickets to a 3-hour public sailing event. (And the rewards get better from there!)

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