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For the future of our ocean
​Welcome to Sail 4 Science; the most well rounded, versatile, diverse, fun and engaging marine science education program on the water!  Whether you want your students to experience science while under sail aboard our floating classroom, in your classroom or a day along the shoreline - our program can be tailored to fit your needs and the needs of your students. 
Now in its fifth year, the Sail 4 Science (S4S) Program has provided eye opening and life changing experiences to thousands of youths from all demographics. 
S4S consists of 3 subprograms. Learn more about SciSail, Belly Biology and Mobile Science Lab programs by clicking the links below.
Sailing Program

The SciSail program is a fun, exciting and informative participant driven marine science education program. You can combine SciSail with the shore side programs to increase the educational value


Shore-side Programs

The Shore-side programs are conducted either along the shore line or in the classroom.  You can combine the shore side programs with the sailing to increase the educational value


Educator Workshop


Coming soon!


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