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Ignite passion for the ocean with an Ecology Tour.
Some examples of the marine life that can be observed are:
Whale Research
  • Steller Sea Lion

  • California Sea Lion

  • Northern Elephant Seal

  • Harbor Seal

  • Harbor Porpoises

  • Northern Fur Seal

  • Humpback Whale

  • Gray Whale

  • Blue Whale

  • White Sharks


Some of the many exciting trips we offer

Over Night trips to Drakes Bay

Drakes Bay is approximately 8 mi wide, formed on the lee side of the coastal current by Point Reyes and named after Sir Francis Drake. It has long been considered Drake's most likely landing spot during his circumnavigation of the world by sea in 1579. The majestic scenery, calm waters and depth suitable for snorkeling make it an ideal destination for an overnight trip.

Puffin Searching for Food
 Marine and bird adventures

We begin with a cruise toward the Golden Gate Bridge and sail near the bay islands on these exciting, educational, and fun experiences, guided by experts who provide explanations for the variety of marine and avian life. Participants have the potential to meet our Bay Area marine wildlife—dolphins, ospreys, whales, and other marine mammals in their natural settings, while learning about the wildlife from our on-board naturalists.

Trips to the Farallones

The Farallon Islands are remote, and the weather is extremely unpredictable, with varying windy, wet, and salty conditions. The Farallones host globally significant wildlife populations, including hundreds of thousands of seabird species as well as an abundance of sea life.  They are also a destination for researchers to study white sharks. Researchers from around the world go to the islands to study the complex ecosystem every day of the year. Ocean Planet Explorers provides a unique view of the Farallon islands' craggy peaks and rocky shorelines. While there, we scan the islands for marine mammals, birds, seals — and of course, the sharks!

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