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Welcome to the future
Of long range research vessels
OPE111 quick specs

Top speed under engine – 15 knots
Top speed under sail - 22 knots
LOA – 111’  5”
DWL – 98’ 4"
Beam - 22’ 5“ (to fit 100ton travelift)
Draft - 11’ 9"
Air draft – 125’

Work deck size - 885 sq ft
Below deck lab space - 920 sq ft
Aft deck cargo hatches - 3 @ 3‘ 3” W X 7' L
Passenger count under 12hrs - 50
Passenger count over 12hrs - 34
Sleeps – 34
Displacement - 200,000 lbs


What Makes the OPE111 Unique?

  • Propulsion systems
    The OPE111 has two forms of propulsion.  The first form is derived from the power of the wind via the two sails.  What makes the OPE111 rig so unique is the ease of handling and the efficient design.  The sails can either be trimmed by hand or by using the hydraulics.
    The second form is the Hybrid propulsion system.  The OPE111 will have three retractable pods that will give her unsurpassed maneuverability and power generation.  While under sail alone she will be able to recharge her batteries to minimize the need for the generators. The recharging will be generated by the propellers (which can be independently deployed and retracted as needed) and a combination of solar and wind will also be used to charge.

  • Reduced acoustic noise
    Due to the fact that the OPE111can be maneuvered by the power of the wind or electric propulsion, the radiation of noise into the water will be practically non existent.  This will allow her to approach the species of focus at a much shorter distance as well as not causing interference with the devices used to collect the data.


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