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Program Stations

The following Stations can be applied to the program you choose.  All stations are available for the SciSail program.  The navigation and Observation stations are not available for the Belly Biology and Mobil Science Lab programs.



Understand the two types of plankton Phyto & Zoo. Their place in the marine ecosystem and the role they play in a healthy ocean

water sample.png

Water Quality

Methods of sampling the water and understanding the chemistry involved. the affect of runoff and what makes a healthy body of water


Marine Debris

Types of marine debris, study of their source of origin by studying currents and tides. How to prevent contributing to marine debris



Distinguishing biological vs man made sounds. Identify the source of sounds, and the importance of reducing man made noise



How to take observations, use of binoculars, how to identify objects seen while underway, appreciation the beauty of our natural habitat


Marine Mammals

Types of marine mammals seen on the bay, their biology and what we can do to help sustain their populations and keep them healthy

Bottom grab.jpg

Bottom sampling

Study the present environmental conditions by bottom sampling and studying the mud and the creatures that live within it.



The basic design and engineering of a vessel, the fundamentals of wind power and how to safely operate a sail assisted vessel.

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