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Shore side programs
Besides the fact that all sub-programs complement one another and can be run consecutively, we believe that no youth should be left behind when learning about the worlds largest ecosystem due to financial restraints or safety concerns. This is one of the reasons why we offer Belly Biology and the Mobil Science Lab.
Note: Some of the Stations in the SciSail program are not available in the Belly Biology or Mobil Science Lab programs due to the fact that they require a vessel to conduct them.
Belly Biology

The Belly Biology program is conducted from the dock and along the shoreline, where the participants study the intricacies of life that exist attached to and near the docks and along the shoreline.


Mobil Science Lab

OPE educators come to your location to your school or organization - armed with samples that they collected the same day and the equipment required for the participants to study them and analyze them.


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