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For the future of our ocean
S4S Educator Workshop
We believe that the best way to help conserve the marine environment is to motivate youths to become future stewards of our ‘blue marble.’ This begins with their teachers, thus we have created the Training for Trainers program (T4T). 
T4T imparts an understanding of the marine sciences, builds empathy for the environment and an awareness of the challenges that face our marine ecosystems, so that these methods can be taught in schools and communities - here in the bay and around the county.
T4T is a program that trains school teachers and marine science educators in the methods of studying the marine sciences.  It covers the implementation of the broad variety of disciplines that are required in the marine sciences, and how they can be used as tools in teaching. 
The program is a one day curriculum that allows each of the participants to learn and understand all aspects of marine science education.
 T4T one day course
The one day T4T course takes 8 hours 9am - 5pm.
  • First half - The first half of the course is a 3 hour dockside introduction in the marine sciences, the fundamentals of our sailing vessel, the aspects of our program and safety and emergency procedures. 
  • The second half - The second half is a 4 hour underway session.  The teachers will be participants and rotate through the stations with our Naturalists/Educators.
Workshop Topics
The workshop will explore how teachers can utilize inquiry-based marine science activities to address appropriate Next Generation Science Standards. Expect group projects, lesson plan building, and curriculum alignment exercises. Sample workshop topics and activities include:
  • Water quality sampling
  • Intertidal environment (abiotic and biotic factors)
  • How to conduct a transect survey of a habitat
  • Marine mammals
  • Plankton
  • Whale watch
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