On the drawing board
Under construction
OPE111 "Spartan Pride"

Welcome to the future of Long Range Research Vessels (LRRV). The OPE 111 will have the range to reach a wealth of habitats and locations that may not have been studied much, or that remain unexplored.



Benefits of the OPE 111

  • Opportunity to learn about species and their habits in real time by following and observing them for an extended duration

  • Reduced acoustic noise due to a smaller and simpler power plant and a more efficient hull shape

  • Less negative impact on the marine ecosystem

  • Improved geophysical and biological acoustic data collection platform


OPE40 "Silence"

Planned on becoming a part of the OPE Fleet  and still needing an owner.  She will be one of many that will serve thousands of youth and research organizations annually



Benefits of the OPE40

  • Weight to strength ratio makes the vessel faster and more efficient.

  • Reduced condensation means less mildew and less dampness when down below.

  • Less sound transference

  • A variety of equipment can be deployed during science expeditions.

  • Up to 18 youth and instructors can conduct education programs or event cruises.